Hari Raya Celebration!
🎉✨ Celebrate the vibrant spirit of Hari Raya at Pororo Park and Tayo Station! Join us for an array of exciting activities and mouthwatering treats that showcase the rich culture and traditions of the Malay community. 🌙🕌
1️⃣ DIY Ketupat Workshop! 🍚✂️ Discover the art of making ketupat, explore vibrant designs, and immerse yourself in the cultural significance of this beloved delicacy.  Join us at the Classroom for an enriching experience. Free for all on a first-come, first-served basis!
– Available April 3rd to 5th, and April 8th to 10th.
2️⃣ Come and Play at our allocated game stations around the park! 🎮 Engage in traditional Malay games like Congkak, Batu Seremban, and Pick Up Sticks. Plus, every participant receives a special Green Packet!
– Available from April 3rd to 10th, all day long.
3️⃣ Exclusive Raya menu at Loopy’s Café (only at Pororo Park!) 🍽️ Savor the flavors of Nasi Goreng Kampong and Ondeh-Ondeh Cake, specially crafted to tantalize your senses.
– Available from April 3rd to 10th!
4️⃣ And on April 10th, let’s celebrate in style! 🎊 Join our crew as we dress up in vibrant Hari Raya attire, spreading joy and festive cheer throughout Pororo Park and Tayo Station! All day long, immerse yourself in the spirit of Hari Raya with us.
– Available April 10th.