Join the curious little penguin, Pororo, and his many pals as they have fun exploring their forest village while learning how to be responsible, caring friends.

Little penguin filled with curiosity who loves adventure and challenge.
Cute baby dinosaur who causes trouble by following everything that Pororo does. The world is filled with things he wants to do and things he wants to know.
Little fox who is smart and loves inventing things.
Eddy’s invention – A cheerful assistant robot that sees the difference between himself and others, yet gets along well with his friends.
Polar bear with a heart as big as his size. He is always the first to help those who are in need.
Shy, feminine beaver who loves to cook. She always takes care of her friends with her kind and gentle heart.
Bright penguin girl who is athletic. Unlike her feminine appearance, she has a free and easy personality.
A little dragon who has magical powers. He can fly and transform himself.
Two jellyfish-like twins aliens that often hover together. Popo is blue and Pipi is purple. They live in a big flying saucer.
A playful red supercar who can drive the friends around the village. When he gets no fuel, he stays in the sun to get more fuel.